1590183677 GOWork.ng (formerly WorkDesk.ng) is the leading Nigerian freelancing platform where businesses and freelancers collaborate and get more done, remotely!

Who We Are

GOWork™ (GOWork.ng™) is a leading freelance services marketplace for employers to find talents for their projects in the context of affordability, convenience and excellence. It allows buyers to find the suitable service providers (sellers), order micro-job services (mJob), communicate and get work done quickly. Our goal is simply to put everybody on the WEB - "Where Everybody Belongs" with a sense of purpose. Whether you want to make extra income while keeping your full time job, or you are an employee who has just been laid off, or a student with creative skills, or a business owner looking to accomplish a task quickly and affordably, GOWork.ng™ is for you.

GOWork.ng™ has a lot of services on various categories, but you will be required to create an account to sell or buy services on GOWork.ng™. The marketplace will serve as a secure platform for talented freelancers to collaborate with employers/ businesses who need work done remotely. Sellers/freelancers will be able to exhibit their skills on GOWork.ng™ for buyers to see. They will be able to market themselves using their portfolios and sell services they are proficient in, in areas such as writing, translation, design, programming, data entry, marketing, legal services, finance, market research and many more. Through GOWork.ng™, buyers/employers will be able to get the service they need and hire the finest freelancers in the respective project categories they are interested in.

The GOWork.ng™ marketplace promotes reliability and flexibility of freelance work. GOWork.ng™ will accommodate both seasoned professionals and beginners and provide them with the opportunity to enjoy doing on what they love and get paid for it without being handheld but rather work on their own terms, on a full- or part-time basis. GOWork.ng™ will be a platform for sellers to accomplish their goals and buyers to get great work that is crucial for their business.

GOWork.ng™ fosters trust and transparency among the buyers and sellers and ensures that both the buyer and the seller feel valued and respected. It will ensure that the buyer gets quality service for their money's worth and the sellers who deliver high quality work get additional perks for maintaining strong ratings.

GOWork.ng™ is enabling buyers to be the best by offering them the opportunity to take charge and continually upskill. The platform also enables sellers to hire the best by making use of seller feedback and ratings to enlighten their purchase decision. The buyer can review the sellers reputation, compare before buying the service that fits their budget.

The team behind GOWork.ng™ is doing its absolute best and continually improving the platform and keeping up with the latest in web security to ensure that the market place meets your needs and change lives for the better. The team is made of experienced individuals that share the same core values that aim to guarantee satisfaction for GOWork.ng™ users and ensure that all the marketplace operations are seamless. These individuals are specialists in their specific areas - IT, product development, payment and customer support among other areas. GOWork.ng™ has a passionate and committed network of customer support representatives that will help you with any issues that arise and are available 24/7.

GOWork.ng™ values your safety and privacy and uses the latest and secure anti-fraud technology and innovative data security measures. Sellers and their buyers can have secure communication via GOWork.ng™. You can be assured of safe payments transactions.

Work Happy!